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Murhl Flowers, Past President 2000-2001

The Maryland College of Pharmacy was organized in 1841 and was the third School of Pharmacy in the United States. Many of the graduates and other Maryland Pharmacists were instrumental in the founding of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) in 1852. Annual meetings of APhA were held in Baltimore in 1856, 1863, 1870 and 1898.

One of the outstanding efforts of APhA was to encourage the formation of state and local pharmaceutical associations. Efforts were made by the Maryland College of Pharmacy in 1868 to form a state association in Maryland. However, there was not enough support from the ranks to sustain an organization.

On October 5, 1882, at a meeting of the Maryland College of Pharmacy, the following resolution to form a state association was produced:          

                    WHEREAS, the general progress and well-being of our profession demand that

          the Pharmacists everywhere be thoroughly organized, and

                    WHEREAS, the business relations existing between Pharmacists and Wholesale

          and Manufacturing Druggists are and ought to be of the most intimate and confidential

          character, and

                    WHEREAS, the Pharmacists, the Wholesale and the Manufacturing Druggists have

          thus far had no organization in this State for their mutual protection, benefit and the

          general advancement of pharmaceutical interests and knowledge:

                    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a committee of fifteen be appointed to correspond

          with and invite every Pharmacist, Wholesale and Manufacturing Druggist in the State to meet

          in the city of Baltimore on the second Tuesday of May next to organize an association for the

          purposes set forth in the preamble.

                    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the said committee be and are hereby instructed to

          draft a suitable Constitution and By-Laws, to be submitted to the proposed association for

          their consideration, and that they do such other work as will, in their judgement, be useful

          to, and facilitate the speedy organization of said proposed association.

                    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we cordially tender to the Pharmacists, the Wholesale

          and the Manufacturing Druggists of the State the use of the College Building as a place of



In November 1882, the committee of 15 Pharmacists sent out the following invitation to the Pharmacists, Chemists, Wholesale and Manufacturing Pharmacists in the State:

          The undersigned Committee, acting in behalf of the Maryland College of Pharmacy,

          cordially invite you to meet in the city of Baltimore on the second Tuesday of May

          next at 11 o’clock A.M. at the hall of said college, for the purpose of organizing an

          Association of the Pharmacists, the Chemists, the Wholesale and the manufacturing

          Druggists of the State, for the general advancement of the science of Pharmacy and

          the promotion of mutual interests. Be kind enough to advise the Committee if they

          may count upon your presence and hearty cooperation. Your attention is respectfully

          called to a series of resolutions under authority of which this call is issued.


The meeting was held on May 8, 1883 in the Hall at the Maryland College of Pharmacy. The Resolutions and a draft of the Constitution and By-Laws were presented to the attendees and were passed. A slate of Officers was nominated, presented and passed. The officers elected were:

President: John J. Thomsen, Baltimore

1st. Vice President: C. W. Crawford, Gaithersburg

2nd. Vice President: Thomas. W. Shryer, Cumberland

3rd. Vice President:  Hugh Duffy, Hillsboro

Secretary: John W. Geiger, Baltimore

Treasurer: E. Walton Russell, Baltimore

Executive Committee: Samuel Mansfield, Baltimore; Joseph B. Boyle, Westminster; Henry A. Elliott, Baltimore

Committees established:

Committee on Legislation                         
Committee on Pharmacy

Committee on Trade Interests                 
Committee on Business                                                                                                                                                           


The initial number of members was 25 and the initiation fee was $1.00 while the annual dues were $2.00.



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