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Membership: MPhA Committees
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MPhA Committees, Networks, & Task Forces

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Below is a list of all the MPhA Committees, Networks, and Task Forces. These are designed for members to get to know the Association and meet new colleagues, while collectively advancing pharmacy practice in Maryland. If you are interested in joining one of the Committees or have any questions, please e-mail the Committee Chair or Co-chair.

  • Advocacy Committee: serves as an advisory body to Board of Trustees on legislative and regulatory and/other matters that may impact the practice of pharmacy in Maryland. The Committee is responsible for reviewing legislative and regulatory proposals; recommending legislative and regulatory priorities to the Board of Trustees; advising on the implementation of any MPhA policies that require legislative action; and representing MPhA on the Maryland Pharmacy Coalition Legislative Committee. The Committee may also work with the Executive Director on specific bills in the Maryland General Assembly.

Co-Chairs: Chai Wang and Matthew Balish
E-mail: and
  • Budget and Finance Committee: prepares the proposed annual budget for the Association and presents to the Board of Trustees for approval at least two months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. The Committee also monitors Association investments to ensure compliance with the Investment Policy Statement.

Co-Chairs: Matt Shimoda and Mark Lapouraille
E-mail: and
  • Building Committee: oversees the financial condition of EFK Properties, LLC and the management of property(ies) owned by EFK Properties, LLC. The Committee reports at least quarterly to the MPhA Board of Trustees. The Treasurer serves as the chair of the Building Committee which consists of the following persons: Chair of the Board of Trustees, Vice President, Treasurer and two at-large members appointed by the MPhA President.

Co-Chairs: Matt Shimoda and Mark Lapouraille
E-mail: and
  • Communication Committee: assists staff by promoting and featuring the Association’s activities and members. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to identify relevant content for MPhA’s digital, social and print media. The Committee works with staff in identifying subject matter experts; engaging members via social media; and collaborating with other committees to supplement marketing of MPhA meetings and events.

Co-Chairs: Kerry Cormier and Tosin David
E-mail: and
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee: responsible for reviewing the current by-laws and soliciting membership for proposed changes. These recommendations are then submitted to the Board of Trustees for a board opinion and then presented to the House of Delegates for a vote as indicated in the By-Laws.

Chair:Richard DeBenedetto


  • Meetings Planning Committee: serves as an advisory body to MPhA staff on the theme, program content and schedule for MPhA conferences. The committee works with other MPhA committees to enhance marketing and engagement opportunities for MPhA meetings. The Committee also assists staff when needed and acts as a hospitality committee at meeting sites.

Co-Chairs: Darci Eubank & Sadhna Katri
E-mail: and
  • Membership Committee: comprised of pharmacy professionals, from varied practice areas, who volunteer to personally engage current and potential members of MPhA. The Committee serves as a resource and sounding board to MPhA staff on the development of membership recruitment, retention and reclamation strategies and campaigns. The Committee works to increase the value proposition of MPhA membership.

Co-Chairs: Andrew Haines and Amy Nathanson
E-mail: and
  • Nominating Committee: responsible for the presentation of a slate of at least two (2) individuals for each forthcoming available seat on the Board of Trustees and the office of Vice President, and Treasurer (on alternate years) to the House of Delegates at the Mid-Year Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall consider geographic diversity, practice specialty, experience, and the requirements included in the Association’s bylaws in making its nominations. The slate of candidates is presented to the House of Delegates at the Mid-Year meeting. Nominating Committee is chaired by the Vice President of MPhA.

Chair: Chai Wang


  • Preservation Committee: responsible for advising MPhA staff on the upkeep, display, and cataloging of the association’s historical pieces. The Committee is also responsible for providing content to showcase Maryland pharmacy history via MPhA’s quarterly journal and website.

Chair: Doug Campbell
  • Professional Development Committee: responsible for furthering the professional development, including continuing education, of MPhA members and furthering the mission of MPhA in identifying and developing professional projects to expand awareness and educate the public about the value and role of pharmacist services in the healthcare community.

Co-Chairs: Lynn Aung and Virginia Nguyen
E-mail: and
  • Resolutions Committee: required to review all submitted resolutions prior to the Annual Meeting and present a report to the Board of Trustees for purposes of determining the Board’s position prior to the second House of Delegates meeting for vote. The Committee may also work with members to help formulate resolutions.The Resolutions Committee is chaired by the Vice Speaker of the MPhA House of Delegates.

Chair: Matthew Balish
  • Scholarship Committee: reviews applications and annually awards three scholarships to students attending a school of pharmacy in Maryland and works in collaboration with the MPhA Foundation.

Chair: Wayne VanWie


The networks are designed to provide a venue for ongoing collaboration, networking, and socializing.


  • New Practitioner Network (NPN): is a welcoming group for practitioners who have graduated in the past 5 years that eases the transition into Maryland pharmacy practice from student to new practitioner pharmacist. NPN assists young professional members by developing resources, learning and volunteering opportunities relevant to the young pharmacists today, while building a community for the next generation of pharmacists. For more information, visit the New Practitioner Network webpage.
Chair: Lauren Lakdawala

  • Past Presidents Network: is comprised of Past Presidents Council (PPC). The group is chaired by the immediate past president of MPhA. As PPC the group administers MPhA’s award process and is responsible for the promotion of MPhA awards and selection of recipients. The group may also recommend nominees for national pharmacy-related awards. The network will provide an opportunity for Past Presidents to engage beyond the awards process.

Chair: Hoai-An Truong


  • Technician Network: is to be organized to further develop our technician membership and the purpose and activity will be determined by those who volunteer to be the founding members.

Co-chairs: Shelby Holstein & Andrew Wherley        
Email: and

  •  Federal Pharmacists Network: to further develop our Federal pharmacist membership and identify membership services and activities geared toward this cohort.

                           Co-chairs: Mathilda Fienkeng and Mary Kremzner
                           Email: and


MPhA Task Forces are designed to support a short-term targeted focus on a specific outcome or initiative. It is a great way to work with colleagues and support MPhA with shorter investment of time.

  • American Pharmacists Month Task Force: plans events, programs, and/or communications during the month of October that promote and recognize the pharmacy profession.

Chair: TBD 


  • Cruise Task Force: responsible for working with the MPhA staff to investigate and plan all aspects of any cruises sponsored by MPhA. This includes the choice of travel agents, cruise line and itinerary, continuing education program, and implementation of all activities on site during the cruise. The cruise destination shall be determined based on survey feedback from Membership.

Co-chair: Hoai-An Truong



  • Health Information Exchange and Technology Task Force: responsible for working for community pharmacists access to Maryland’s health information exchange, the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP). Access to CRISP will provide healthcare information for improved medication management and services and continuity of care.

Chair: Jennifer Thomas



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